Hydrodipping and Chroming

From electric guitars to dirt bikes, hard hats to snowmobiles, our shop can easily transform almost anything into a work of art by applying hydrographics and chrome paint using hydrodipping and painting techniques.
Our Spruce Grove staff have been professionally trained to offer chrome painting, as well as hydrographics (hydrodipping) for both personal and commercial customers around the world. Our chrome process can be candy colored to tint the chrome to a brilliant colorful shine. We offer hundreds of hydrographic patterns which provide 360 degree coverage over corners, in crevasses, and on intricate angles. Give us a call or stop by our shop today, we would love to discuss the unlimited possibilities.

What We Offer

Our goal is to create visually stunning products using a variety of processes and finishes through hydrodipping and chroming techniques.

Decorative, corrosion resistant, and aesthetically pleasing.

Choose from a rich variety of patterns and effects available.

Using industry standard equipment, our paint will last.


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